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HIAB Crane Hire Service Colchester

We offer a wide range of lifting solutions including industry-leading lorry loader HIAB crane hire. Our Hiab hire services in Colchester, Essex utilise our Volvo FM420 truck equipped with a Fassi F360.4 lorry mounted crane and is suitable for a variety of projects that require a combination of small lifting operations and transportation. Our HIAB lorry hire includes a fully trained and experienced operator, along with our usual expert advice and guidance on any lifting queries you may have.

Predominantly covering the East of England, we offer HIAB crane hire throughout Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Greater London and beyond, providing an ideal solution to solve your lifting and transporting issues with just one vehicle.

Working from our depots in Colchester, Essex, we have always placed great importance on delivering so much more than just crane hire. Our core values are focussed on the success of both our clients and our operators and we take great pride in going the extra mile on every job, no matter how big or small.

Do you require a HIAB crane to hire?

A HIAB crane is in fact a brand name term that is widely used to describe a particular type of crane, known in the industry as a lorry mounted crane or a lorry loader. They work by using a combination of both a mobile crane and a lorry, where the lorry provides the power to operate the crane. Not only does this help to reduce manpower and vehicles on the road, but also assists with transportation to and from site and moving your materials from A to B.

HIAB truck cranes are ideal for the lifting, handling and transportation of various loads. Not only are they quick and compact, but they also offer impressive lifting capabilities allowing us to move a variety of objects, from yachts and boats to factory equipment, machinery and containers.

Cadman Cranes are well equipped to offer you project specific lifting and transportation solutions and take great pride in providing industry-leading advice and support throughout your entire journey.

Safety as Standard

Health and safety is at the heart of our business and we place great importance in this area at all touchpoints for both customers and operators. Our lorry mounted crane is supplied with a fully trained, experienced operator holding CPCS and ALLMI qualifications, as well as 6-monthly inspection certifications.

When working with Cadman Cranes and utilising our HIAB crane hire in the East of England, we provide a range of complimentary add-ons including tested lifting straps and chains along with securing straps, chains and binders to ensure safe transportation.

Our HIAB vehicle comes with remote control capabilities as standard to ensure a direct line of site from the operator to the load is maintained at all times, giving you complete confidence at every step.  On top of this, our HIAB crane is DVS (Direct Vision Standard) compliant – a system that was launched in 2019 to eliminate blind spots from HGVs and reduce their risk to cyclists and pedestrians.

The DVS safety system utilised on our vehicle includes;

  • Class V and VI mirrors or cameras that eliminate blind spots around the vehicle
  • A camera monitoring system including side cameras and an in-cab monitor to increase driver visibility
  • Near-side proximity sensors with a driver alert that warns drivers of any vulnerable road users on their near-side
  • A left-turn audible alarm that warns vulnerable road users when a vehicle indicates left
  • Sideguards to reduce the chance of injury to cyclists and pedestrians
  • Warning signage to warn road users of the hazards around the vehicle

If you’re looking for industry-leading HIAB lorry hire in Essex, London and beyond, we would love to hear from you. Call us today on 01206 986610 or visit our Contact page to speak to a member of the team.

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