Tank clearance, dredging, and grab solutions

Looking for a safe and efficient solution to remove hard-to-reach waste materials?

Cadman Cranes offers innovative tank clearance solutions with our custom-designed grab attachment. The remote-controlled grab, mounted to the hooks of our mobile cranes, can reach up to 60 meters and handle a variety of materials, including sewage waste, sludge, grit, mud, and sand.

This service is ideal for wastewater treatment plants, sewage facilities, digester tanks, aeration tanks, ports, and any industrial sites that require regular tank cleaning, maintenance, or dredging.

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Aerial view of mobile crane using grab attachment to remove material from a water processing plant tank
Providing nationwide grab services to…
A large grab attachment on a mobile crane collects waste from a water treatment plant
A compact mobile crane uses a grab to remove waste from a water tank
A compact crawler crane loads a transportation lorry with waste material from a grab
A wide angle view of a mobile crane with a grab working at a water plant
Close up of Cadman Cranes grab attachment for mobile cranes
Compact crawler crane moves a pile of wood chippings into a biomass boiler with a grab attachment
Close up of a grab removing waste from a water treatment tank
Close up of a crane operator using a remote controlled device to operate a grab
Close up of a biomass tank with wood chip filter
Compact crawler crane works in the fog to remove silt from a lake
Mobile crane works at a water treatment plant with a grab on hire to remove waste
Close up of a grab on hire with a mobile crane operator
A grab on hire with a mobile crane
A yellow mobile crane works with a hydraulic grab attachment to move material
A crane operator looks down at a grab working in a river
A mobile crane and operator work at night time with a remote controlled grab
A grab removes a large collection of solidified mud on top of a water tank

An innovative grab solution like no other

Aligning perfectly with our values of safety and sustainability, this unique and innovative grab hire solution allows us to make further positive contributions to the country’s waste recycling and renewable energy sectors.

Cadman Cranes specialise in tank clearance, dredging, back filling, and material re-handling. We specifically designed a remote-controlled hydraulic power pack grab attachment, mounted on the hook of our mobile cranes, allowing us to handle up to 100m³ of material a day, reaching distances of up to a staggering 60 metres.

The system can be used in a live environment removing the risk of confined space entry and expensive drain-downs or isolations.

Close up of a grab bucket pulling a collection of flushed wet wipes from a sewage treatment plant

Providing integral support to the wastewater industry

The wet wipe destroyer!

This innovative grab hire solution enables us to handle materials such as silt, stone, sand, grit, vegetation and the by-products of waste and wastewater treatment including non-flushable fabrics, sludge, slurry, wet wipes and sanitary towel build ups. Ideal for the removal of material from sewage and effluent treatment plants.

We are the only mobile crane hire company in the UK that can offer this solution and have proven time and time again to be an integral part of the wastewater industry.

We can access the tightest, most remote areas with our revolutionary Compact Crawler Cranes. Equipped with a fully rotating re-handling hydraulic grab and rubber tank tracks, these specialist pieces of machinery allow us to offer a grab crane capable of handling the most unsuitable ground conditions whilst performing tasks other cranes just cannot execute.

Specialist grab attachment for dredging at ports is used on a mobile crane

Supporting the UK’s ports with dredging hard to reach areas

Over time, rivers, estuaries and the seabed itself can accumulate sediment like sand and mud. This natural process can cause the water depth around ports to become shallower.

Dredging removes this build-up, ensuring that large ships can continue to safely access the port. But port dredging machines are large, and they cant always access essential areas up close to the port.

Our specialist grab can handle 100m³ of sediment a day, reaching distances of up to 60 metres. Fully remote controlled, it attaches to the hook of our mobile cranes and is ideal for dredging those hard to reach areas at ports.

We’re proud to offer our specialist grab as a nationwide solution, and our aim is to keep your port operations running smoothly around the clock.

A grab removes a large collection of solidified mud on top of a water tank

Anaerobic digester tank sludge removal

Anaerobic digester tanks are enclosed environments where organic waste like food scraps or farm manure are broken down by bacteria in the absence of oxygen. This process creates a methane-rich biogas used for renewable energy, but it also produces a leftover material called digestate. To maintain efficiency and prevent blockages, these tanks need regular cleaning to remove built-up sludge.

However, traditional methods of digester tank clearance can be risky and time-consuming. Confined spaces and hazardous gases require specialised equipment and expertise.

We offer a safe and efficient solution with our specialised grab, designed for tank sludge removal and digestate removal, minimising risk and maximising your uptime.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions about how our innovative grab solution can benefit your project? This FAQ section is designed to address common enquiries about our services. Whether you need assistance with dredging, tank cleaning, removing debris, or wastewater tank maintenance, we’re here to help.

  • Our powerful grab is designed to handle a variety of materials, including:

    • Sludges and digestate: Ideal for removing buildup from anaerobic digester tanks.
    • Silt, mud, and sand: Perfect for dredging lakes, ponds, ports, and waterways.
    • Debris and vegetation: Effective for clearing debris and unwanted plant growth from aeration tanks.
    • Heavy materials: Our grab can handle even dense and heavy materials with ease.
  • Absolutely! Our grab is a safe and efficient solution for cleaning out various wastewater tanks, including:

    • Septic tanks: Regular removal of sludge and scum is essential for proper septic tank function.
    • Industrial wastewater tanks: We can help remove accumulated solids and debris from industrial wastewater treatment facilities.
    • Grease traps: Our grab can effectively remove grease and other buildup from grease traps within the water system.
  • Our grab operation prioritises safety:

    • Remote operation: The grab is controlled remotely, eliminating the need for personnel to enter confined spaces with potential hazardous gases.
    • Precision control: The operator has complete control over the grab, minimising the risk of damage to tank walls or equipment.
    • Experienced team: Our trained and certified team ensures safe and efficient operation of the grab throughout the process.
  • Our grab offers several advantages over traditional tank cleaning methods:

    • Increased safety: Remote operation minimises risk for workers.
    • Improved efficiency: Faster cleaning times compared to manual methods.
    • Reduced downtime: Your tanks are back in operation quickly.
    • Reduced costs: Efficient cleaning can save you money in the long run.
    • Reduced environmental impact: Our grab helps maintain proper tank function, minimising potential environmental hazards.
  • Absolutely! Our specialist hydraulic grab attachment can be transported separately from our mobile cranes, meaning we can deliver it around the country with ease, working closely with a crane partner in your local area.

Watch our specialist sludge-busting grab in action

Supporting Industrial Water Jetting Systems

“Cadman have always gone above and beyond on all of our specific works, from initial site visits through site set up and onto work completion. They have vast knowledge and always have a solution, all in all a very professional, first-rate company – highly recommended!”

IWJS – a leading sewer services, waste management and industrial cleaning business

A mobile crane works at a wastewater facility with a remote-controlled grab

Removing grit and rags from aeration tanks in Essex

We were contacted to assist with the refurbishment of eight aeration grids at Canvey Island, Essex. The client required a safe solution to efficiently remove grit and rag from the bottom of the tanks whilst keeping the tanks operational for the duration of the works.

Find out how we designed and commissioned a unique hydraulic power pack which could be used with a conventional mobile crane, attaching to the hook block, allowing us to handle up to 300m3 of material up to distances of 60m.

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