Specialist Lifting Equipment

We have invested in a range of industry leading specialist lifting equipment to assist with a variety of customer requirements.

Cadman Cranes pride ourselves on providing an exceptional level of service to our diverse base of customers and our commitment to investing in modern, robust and safe lifting equipment for our range of mobile cranes for hire demonstrates our dedication.

Our mobile cranes travel with their associated rigger mats where applicable and for our larger cranes, transport is available for necessary steel mats.

Along with our range of mobile cranes we are able to offer a diversified selection of specialist lifting equipment for hire including:


  • Man riding basket (1 man and 2 man, rectangular and cylindrical)
  • Hydraulic remote-controlled grab attachment
  • Roof truss lifting system
  • Caravan lifting system
  • Hot Tub lifting system
  • Modular beams from 1t to 50t
  • Pallet Forks with safety net
  • Block Grab with safety net
  • Fall arrest blocks & safety harness
  • Concrete & roll over muck skips
  • Test weights
  • Container lifting attachments
  • Outrigger spreader mats (up to 6m²)
  • Beam clamps
  • Chain blocks
  • Load cells
  • Selection of timber and steel mats
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