Specialist Lifting Equipment

We understand that every lifting challenge requires the right tools. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of lifting equipment to complement our specialist lifting services for mobile cranes.

Whether you need to reach new heights in a man cage, handle oversized cargo, or tackle intricate lifting challenges, our arsenal of lifting attachments ensure your project benefits from the perfect combination of power and precision.

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large mobile crane uses specialist lifting beams to install item onto residential roof
Aerial shot of mobile crane holding worker in man cage to clean gutters
mobile crane suspends luxury boat over sea at port
specialist lifting equipment on mobile crane holds static caravan in air during relocation
aerial shot of mobile crane moving container with specialist beams
Close up of specialist grab attachment on mobile crane hook removing material from water tank
close up of specialist mobile crane clamp on metal beam
close up of large metal chain link with lifting sling attached
close up of specialist chains used for lifting on mobile crane
load cell on mobile crane hook in yard
collection of steel mobile crane mats stacked in a storage yard
steel spreader mats for a mobile crane are stacked on the back of a transportation lorry
Two men work to restore a large chimney whilst inside a man cage suspended from a mobile crane
close up of a grab attached to a mobile crane removing wet wipes from a sewage treatment plant

Leading Specialist Lifting Services

We have invested in a range of industry leading specialist lifting equipment to assist with a variety of customer requirements.

Cadman Cranes pride ourselves on providing an exceptional level of service to our diverse base of customers and our commitment to investing in modern, robust and safe lifting equipment for our range of mobile cranes for hire demonstrates our dedication.

Our mobile cranes travel with their associated rigger mats where applicable and for our larger cranes looking after heavy lifting, transport is available for necessary steel mats.

close up of specialist spreader beams used to lift machinery with a mobile crane

We offer a diversified selection of specialist lifting equipment for hire including:


  • Man riding basket (1 man and 2 man, rectangular and cylindrical)
  • Hydraulic remote-controlled grab attachment
  • Roof truss lifting system
  • Caravan lifting system
  • Hot Tub lifting system
  • Modular beams from 1t to 50t
  • Pallet Forks with safety net
  • Block Grab with safety net
  • Fall arrest blocks & safety harness
  • Concrete & roll over muck skips
  • Test weights
  • Container lifting attachments
  • Outrigger spreader mats (up to 6m²)
  • Beam clamps
  • Chain blocks
  • Load cells
  • Selection of timber and steel mats

Frequently asked questions

Explore this section to gain peace of mind and ensure your project benefits from the most effective and secure lifting solutions.

If you have a specific question not addressed here, don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team – we’re here to help.

  • Our extensive inventory includes a variety of specialist attachments to tackle diverse lifting challenges. Here are some examples:

    • Spreader beams: These distribute the weight of a load evenly across multiple lifting points, ideal for large or fragile objects.
    • Man baskets: Safely elevate workers for maintenance or construction tasks at height.
    • Vacuum lifters: Employ a vacuum seal to securely lift flat, non-porous materials like glass panels or sheet metal.

    This is not an exhaustive list – feel free to contact us to discuss your specific lifting requirements and see if we have the right equipment for your project.

  • Our experienced team will work closely with you to understand your lifting needs, the type of load you’re handling, and the specific challenges of your project site. Based on this assessment, we’ll recommend the most suitable specialist equipment to ensure a safe and efficient lift.

  • Utilising specialist equipment offers several advantages:

    • Increased safety: The right equipment ensures a secure and controlled lift, minimising risks and promoting a safer work environment.
    • Enhanced efficiency: Specialist attachments can streamline your lifting process, allowing for more precise placement and faster completion of tasks.
    • Versatility: Our extensive range of equipment allows you to tackle a wider variety of lifting challenges with a single crane, maximising your project’s flexibility.
  • The cost of specialist lifting equipment typically isn’t included in the base rate of a mobile crane hire. However, we offer transparent pricing for both crane rental and any additional equipment you need. When you request a quote, be sure to mention the specific lifting tasks and any specialist equipment you think might be necessary. This allows us to provide an accurate and all-inclusive quote for your entire lifting solution.

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