Thunderbird 2 to the rescue

Compact Crawler Cranes

We can access the tightest, most remote and confined areas with our revolutionary Compact Crawler Cranes (or better known as the ‘Thunderbirds”). Designed by us with our customers in mind, these unique cranes can be operated remotely and handle a variety of unsuitable ground conditions using their rubber tracks.

Our compact crawler cranes, equipped with a remote-controlled rotating hydraulic grab, enable us to handle materials such as silt, stone, sand, grit, vegetation and the by-products of waste and wastewater treatment including non-flushable fabrics, wet wipes and sanitary towel build ups. We are the only mobile crane hire company in the UK that can offer this solution and have proven time and time again to be an integral part of the wastewater industry.

The Challenge

We were recently called out by a local water authority suffering with a blockage in a sewage treatment plant. At first the blockage was completely inaccessible. Our solution was to cut a section of the roof out of the chamber and lift the 2t concrete slab using the crane in its standard set up. Once this was removed, the crane was then transformed in less than 30 minutes and fitted with a fully rotating hydraulic grab on 7m of poles. This was then carefully lowered down through the access hole to grab out the materials, 6m below the roof, causing the blockage.

The low ground bearing pressure of our compact crawler cranes prevents damage and their off-road ability removes the need for expensive ground work or trackway. With a capacity of up to 10t and the ability to pick and carry up to 6t, these cranes are in a world of their own.

If you would like to know more or to enquire about hiring this crane for your project, just speak to one of the team today.

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