What Is An Appointed Person?

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Within the construction and heavy lifting sectors, safety and efficiency are always of paramount importance.

The Appointed Person holds an essential role in ensuring the safety of lifting operations on projects. Therefore, understanding the significance of this role when planning any type of heavy lifts is vital.

As one of the leading specialists for cranes hire and Contract Lifting services in the South East, Cadman Cranes has vast experience working across a huge range of challenging and complicated lifts from offshore wind farms to pipework installation. As a result, we understand the importance of an Appointed Person and how integral they are to the smooth running of a project.

It goes without saying that safety should be the number one priority for any lifting job. Heavy lifting using cranes poses many hazards which could lead to accidents if not managed correctly. In recent years, there have been a number of accidents involving cranes which have led to serious harm to employees / members of the public, as well as damage to buildings and property. Not only could this put people’s lives at risk, but it could also completely decimate a business’ reputation and even lead to a criminal conviction.

This week is Construction Safety Week (6th-10th May), shining an even brighter spotlight on the job of an Appointed Person. As a business, our commitment to health and safety is something which we never compromise on and an Appointed Person is included as part of the package for all our Contract Lifting jobs. This full circle solution not only provides our top quality expertise, it also ensures peace of mind that your lifting project will meet unparalleled safety and compliance standards.

Compliance with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) 1998 is a non-negotiable when it comes to lifting jobs. In fact, having an Appointed Person on the job forms part of the BS 7121 Code of Practice for Safe Use of Cranes, so it is something which cannot be overlooked when a project is being planned.

What is an Appointed Person?

An Appointed Person (AKA ‘competent person’ in some instances) is an individual appointed by the crane owner or contractor to plan, oversee and coordinate all aspects of lifting operations. They are responsible for the safety of everyone involved in the operation, and even those whose may be affected by the operation i.e. members of public, ensuring it is executed with precision, efficiency and within the appropriate regulations.

They may hold different roles as well as their duties as an Appointed Person, however it is imperative that they have a detailed understanding and practical knowledge of lifting operations, as well as an in-depth knowledge of health and safety procedures.

Does an Appointed Person Require Specific Qualifications?

The simple answer is no – however the individual must be able to demonstrate a high standard of competence when it comes to lifting operations and safety procedures, as outlined by LOLER regulations. Ultimately, this comes down to an individual’s experience however there are certain courses and qualifications which could be considered.

CPCS is the most recognised course for individuals looking to become an Appointed Person. The Appointed Person A61 CPCS course includes several technical tests and upon completion provides an industry recognised qualification.

My Project Doesn’t Include Any Lifting With Cranes – Is An Appointed Person Still Required?

In accordance with LOLER 1998, it is a requirement that every lifting operation involving lifting equipment is properly planned by a ‘competent person’. The term ‘competent person’ means the person with the skills, knowledge, and experience to assess the required task, select the correct lifting equipment and specify suitable procedures to ensure a safe operation.

BS 7121 series of standards contains recommendations for the safe use of cranes, including planning of lifting operations. In this comprehensive document, the competent person for planning lifting operations is referred to as the ‘appointed person’. The principles contained in this series of standards can be applied to the use of other types of lifting equipment.

Responsibilities of an Appointed Person in Lifting Operations

The role of an Appointed Person encompasses a variety of responsibilities, each contributing to the safe execution of the lifting job.

  • Risk Assessment and Planning: Prior to any lifting operation, the Appointed Person conducts a comprehensive risk assessment, identifying potential hazards and outlining strategies to mitigate risks. This entails meticulous planning, considering factors such as load weight, dimensions, site conditions, and equipment selection, environmental factors.
  • Crane selection: based on the load characteristics, including weight of the load and any lifting accessories, the maximum height of lift, the maximum radius required and/or the reach and range of movement required and the rated capacity of the crane, as specified by the manufacturer/installer in the information for use supplied with the crane
  • Selecting appropriate lifting accessories: This includes the method of attachment to the load, configuration, centre of gravity and any protection used to prevent damage.
  • Supervision and Coordination: During the lifting operation, the Appointed Person assumes a supervisory role, overseeing the activities of crane operators, riggers, and other personnel involved. Effective coordination is essential to maintain synchronisation and ensure the safety of all on-site workers.
  • Compliance with Regulations: A fundamental aspect of the Appointed Person’s role is to ensure adherence to regulatory standards governing lifting operations. Particularly under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 summary, compliance is non-negotiable, with stringent requirements aimed at safeguarding workers and minimising risks.
  • Documentation and Record-Keeping: The Appointed Person maintains detailed records of lifting operations, including risk assessments, method statements, and equipment inspections. These documents serve as a crucial reference point for future operations and regulatory compliance audits.


Setting the Standard in Safety and Compliance

At Cadman Cranes, we recognise the importance of safety and compliance in lifting operations. Our Contract Lift service epitomises our commitment to excellence, offering a comprehensive solution that includes the provision of an Appointed Person.

Our Contract Lift services offers our customers a whole host of benefits, including:

  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced Appointed Persons bring unparalleled expertise to every project, ensuring the planning and execution is spot on every time. Having a Cadman Crane Appointed Person means that many of the logistical and risk associated elements of a lift are taken care of, so you don’t have to think about it.
  • Regulatory Compliance: With Cadman Cranes, compliance with LOLER 1998 is not just a priority; it’s a guarantee. We adhere to regulatory standards, leaving no room for compromise on safety.
  • Peace of Mind: By choosing our Contract Lifting service, you can rest assured that your lifting operations are in capable hands. From risk assessment to execution, we handle every aspect with precision and professionalism.


Why Should I Consider Cadman Crane’s Contract Lift Service?

Our Contract Lift service leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the planning, execution and safety of any lifting job. It provides a full circle solution which is handled by our experts at every stage of the lift, removing your risk and liability. And with a highly skilled Appointed Person included as standard, its one less thing for you to think about.

We know that no two jobs are the same, so each of our Contract Lift jobs are completely bespoke to an individual client’s requirements. Our team takes the time to understand your project’s goals and specifications in order to offer a turn-key solution which suits your exacting needs.

Safety is something which we are committed to 365 days of the year – it’s just not something which we think about during Construction Safety Week. So if you’re planning a lift in the near future, our Contract Lift solution can take the leg work out of finding your own Appointed Person.

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