Cadman Cranes Sustainability Update – August 2023

About 2 years ago, Cadman Cranes and the other Milbank Group companies got together to discuss the future, what we wanted to achieve, and what was important to us.

We were just coming out of the worst of the Covid pandemic and it was a good time for us to reflect on the last few years of business and answer the question of who we wanted to be.

From this work came our purpose and values, and from that came our Sustainability Plan and our roadmap to net zero carbon.

We introduced that plan last summer and we’ve made some great progress. But there’s more work to do, so now seems like the right time to give you an update on our key objectives.

Our CO2 reductions and road to net zero

After the great success we had with hydro treated vegetable oil on cranes we switched all vehicles to HVO and this has seen CO2 emissions plummet to less 2.5t a month. This is a 96% reduction on what we were pumping out 2 years ago. We’re now attacking that last 2.5t. There’s some challenges there but we are bang on course for net zero by 2025.

Our ‘Leading Sustainable Lifting’ promise

You may have noticed this on our new website. This is our promise. To embrace new ideas and take bold actions in the pursuit of sustainable lifting. But not only that, we aim to inspire our competitors, customers and supply chain to follow us on this journey.

Our new sustainable workwear

We recently replaced all of our workwear for all of our operatives with gear from sustainable sources. T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, bottoms, high-viz and overalls are all made with sustainable fabrics from suppliers that guarantee their products to the Global Recycled Standard.

How we plan to power our site

We have just placed an order for the installation of 200m2 of solar panels. By the start of next year, renewable energy will power everything we do at our HQ and another 10t of CO2 will be saved annually.

How we dispose of our waste

We are trying to think about the entire life cycle of the products we use. After an audit of our entire waste process, we have made some changes, and now 90% of all waste is recycled or converted to energy. We’re working on the rest.

How we will be engaging with our supply chain

We’ve made great progress with our own processes but the next challenge is our supply chain. We have a great bunch of suppliers big and small and we appreciate that not everyone has the resources to attack this issue in the same way. The first step is for us to understand where everyone is at and we are imminently issuing a sustainability survey to start this process.

How we are monitoring our progress overall

All of this is great but it needs structure and clear, achievable targets and timescales. To enable this we have a concise set of Key Performance Indicators that we monitor and report on at company and group level. This gives us all a visible picture and something we can all get behind.