Machinery Movers project at manufacturing plant in Royston

Cadman Cranes Delivers Exceptional Results in Machinery Movers Project for Manufacturing Plant

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As experts in lift management, the Cadman Cranes team was pleased to recently carry out a machinery movement project within a manufacturing plant in Royston, Cambridge. The contract lift service involved the removal of four plant vessels, each weighing 300kg, to facilitate a strategic shift in the company’s manufacturing processes.

Working within the confines of a manufacturing plant usually presents a unique set of challenges. This project presented several challenges, including very tight access points and limited head height. To access the vessels, the team had to navigate a 12m high steel platform, requiring an expert level of precision and control.

Machinery Movers project at manufacturing plant in Royston

To carry out these works, we utilised the impressive Hoeflon c6e Spider Crane from our friends at Compact Crane Services. A favourite of the team, the all-electric mini-crane is ideal for working within extra tight spaces. It offers maximum capacity with minimum weight, a flexible outrigger system and removable counterweight.

Utilising a fully electric crane also supports our overall commitment to sustainable practices and helps contribute to our scope 3 efforts in reducing our carbon impact.

To position the Spider Crane at the required 12m height on the steel deck level, an overhead, 4-tonne SWL gantry crane was employed, built into the steel frame. As the end client had no operator, we provided a qualified gantry crane operator to enable the lift.

Machinery Movers project at manufacturing plant in Royston Machinery Movers project at manufacturing plant in Royston

In addition to the vessel removal, we were also tasked with the safe and efficient removal of two bin hoppers on-site. This process involved dismantling the bin hoppers in three sections, starting from the top, followed by the removal of the motor, and finally disassembling the steel frame.

Overall, the project was projected to take three days to complete and with meticulous planning and a great on-site team, we managed to carry out this work on time & on budget.

“Our team faced a challenging environment, but with meticulous planning and the right equipment, we were able to seamlessly execute the machinery movement project within the manufacturing plant,” said Contract Lift Manager, Phil Robinson.

As industries continue to evolve, we at Cadman Cranes remain at the forefront of lift management solutions and sustainable crane services, demonstrating our ability to provide solutions to any challenging environment and deliver exceptional results.

Machinery Movers project at manufacturing plant in Royston

Get in touch for your next contract lift, or machinery movement enquiries with Contract Lift Manager, Phil Robinson at [email protected] or call us on 01206 986610.

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