Cadman Cranes use grab to relocate pike back into Thames River

We were recently at the Farmoor Water Treatment Works in Oxford, working for IWJS Ltd using our specialist Compact Crawler Crane to remove silt from the main inlet lanes running from the River Thames.

Our specialist Compact Crawler Cranes are unique to us and have proved to be essential in the efficient maintenance of water treatment plants across the UK. Designed and manufactured with our customers needs in mind, these machines are ideal for reaching hard to access areas on ground surfaces that no normal all-terrain crane could handle.

In combination with our specially designed remote-controlled hydraulic power pack grab attachment, mounted on the hook of our standard mobile cranes, we are capable of handling up to 100m³ of material a day, reaching distances of up to a staggering 60 metres.

Funnily enough, whilst removing silt from the inlet lanes using the bucket attachment, we managed to secure a lost pike and safely relocate it back into the Thames where it belonged!

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