Cadman Cranes assists elephants at acclaimed Colchester Zoo

When we were contacted by Colchester Zoo asking for help installing their brand-new steel elephant shelter we were all ears and we knew we had the perfect crane for the job, everything else was irrelephant!

Puns aside, our Compact Crawler Crane couldn’t have performed better. With its tank tracks for ultra-tough ground manoeuvrability and its ability to pick and carry up to 6-tonnes it was ideal for this muddy and awkward lift. Fully remote controlled telescoping main booms and hydraulically luffing fly jibs through 160 degrees provide lifting capacities of 2170kgs to a maximum working radius of 16.20 metres and 650kgs to 26.00 metres respectively.

Colchester Zoo’s website states – “Elephant Kingdom is one of Colchester Zoo’s most impressive enclosures and is at the forefront of modern zoo design. The unique concept of our design allows all the elephants maximum sight, sound and physical contact and has specially designed night stalls, a roped off “safe area” and spacious indoor bull elephant quarters.”

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