Cadman Cranes assist ‘Golden Horizon’ ship prior to launch from Harwich Harbour

The colossal steel-hulled, five-masted, barque rigged tall ship boasts everything from a beautiful dining room and spa to a dive centre and library, with 140 ocean-facing staterooms.

We were lucky enough to be down front and centre with a fantastic view to assist with the careful offloading of waste and loading of stores, using our versatile, all-terrain, 40-tonne Terex AC40L, following its inaugural voyage around the country.

We have invested heavily (and continue to do so) in the most up-to-date and modernised mobile cranes along with specialist lifting equipment to tackle the most demanding challenges presented across all of the industries we work within. Our dedication to customer satisfaction, along with our strict policies around health and safety, are the reason we were selected for such a prestigious project.

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