Hot Tub, Boat & Caravan Installation

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Hot Tub, Boat & Caravan Installation

From traffic management to local authority applications and cable disconnections, Cadman Cranes are able to handle every aspect of Hot Tub, Boat and Caravan installation and relocation work in Essex and beyond. Our specialist lifting equipment, namely our specialist spreader beams, have been designed to ensure that your precious cargo lands in perfect condition.

We understand that ordering cranes can be a daunting and expensive experience for the private individual but we will guide you through every step of the process and be as flexible as we can with prices that we offer in order to meet your budget requirements.

Our Contract Lift option is perfect for Hot Tub, Boat and Caravan installation applications as it leaves all responsibilities and liabilities within our capable hands. Our Contract Lifting package includes Cadman Cranes; Supplying the “Appointed Person”, Planning the lift and operation of a safe system of work (via method statement/risk assessment), Organisation and supervision of the lifting operation and providing a crane that is properly maintained, tested and certificated. Effectively, we will manage absolutely everything for you from the initial paperwork to the final sign-off. You can trust us to deliver an exceptional mobile crane hire service every single time.


Caravan Owner - Wickford

"I just wanted to thank you for the brilliant job your team did in hoisting and siting the caravan this morning - they took so much care and were really friendly and helpful - as well as highly competent and professional. Please pass on my appreciation for all their help and hard work. It's a big relief that it all went so well."

SPS Swimming Pools & Spas - Holland On Sea

"Lovely little swimspa from Certikin, lifted over the houses this morning ready to have its swimspa house built tomorrow. The lovely guys from Cadman Cranes were outstanding as normal and make it all look so easy. Thank you Steve and Andy."

Hot Tub Owner - Brentwood

"The lift has been completed and I just wanted to thank you and your guys for providing a great service. Can't wait to start using my new Hot Tub! Thanks very much."

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