Case Study

Sounding Sweet – Contract Lifting for Acoustic Enclosure Specialists

Making the smarter choice

After hiring cranes using CPA Crane Hire for many years, a reputable and well-established local manufacturer of acoustic containers recently decided to change their lifting strategy.


The company opted to convert to CPA Contract Lifting following an incident within their industry, where a failure in the lifting equipment at a competitor caused substantial damage to a valuable product and serious injury was only narrowly avoided. Under CPA Crane Hire conditions, liability for this incident would lay squarely with the hirer.

crane hire services for acoustic containers
Crane lifting acoustic container
Crane lift of acoustic container

Transferring the liability to those in the know

Ultimately, this decision meant that they could reallocate important resources to their core business activities and let competent lifting experts deal with all lifting responsibilities.

More importantly, they were able to transfer liability for care of their expensive and delicate products to those with the right skills and experience.

A CPA Contract Lift involves the hire of a mobile crane, along with a team of experienced professionals who are responsible for planning, supervising, and executing the lift. This includes carrying out a site survey, preparing a risk assessment, and ensuring that all safety regulations are met. The crane hire company takes full responsibility for the lift and provides all necessary insurance coverage.

If you are dealing with a complex or high-risk lifting operation, and you don’t have the necessary expertise in-house, the CPA Contract Lift would be the only option available.