Setting The Gold Standard For The Crane Industry After Winning The Carbon Neutrality Award At The Anglian Water Supplier Awards

Written by

Nick Leather, Operations and Transport Manager

Cadman Cranes



The mobile crane industry is often seen as one of the least environmentally friendly aspects of the construction sector.

With cranes running between 1.5 mpg to around  4 mpg the nature of the industry means that our carbon footprint often leaves a lot to be desired. As a result, it’s easy to see why site owners, principal contractors and individuals within the private sector often look elsewhere to complete projects or solve complicated challenges while trying to remain conscious of their own carbon output.

But what if there was a way to safely and efficiently do both?

High levels of safety can be achieved by using contract lift and specialist lifting management on sites. The use of cranes allows for safer completion of work, less manual labour requirements and the likelihood of remaining on schedule or ahead of project times. This can all build together for better site safety and employee wellbeing. But can it also provide peace of mind that sustainability commitments are being met?

Would you believe me if I said it was possible? If you don’t, just ask Anglian Water.

Cadman Cranes has recently been awarded the Carbon Neutrality Award as a part of the annual Anglian Water Awards ceremony and we couldn’t be prouder of the achievement.

Our industry leading commitment to our sustainability goals and continual progression of reducing our carbon footprint sets us apart from the rest, as recognised by Anglian Water – one of our key partners who we’re able to work so closely with to make all this possible.

Over the last two years we’ve seen a huge reduction in our co2 emissions output. Being at 165 tonnes in 2022 and being able to bring that down to 65 tonnes by the end of 2023. This year we are currently halfway to our target of around 30 tonnes.

How have we achieved this?

All of our cranes and vehicles run on sustainable HVO fuel, enabling us to save up to an amazing 90% of our CO2 emissions. As a business we are incredibly proud to be the first crane company in the UK to make the switch to 100% HVO and we’re keen to encourage more to follow suit.

In addition to this, solar panels were installed on our headquarters in November 2023 so we’re fast approaching a full year of figures to show what energy we have been able to put back into the grid.

So, where do we go from here?

Winning the award does not mean we stop.

Our Scope 1 and 2 figures are tracked, collated and reported on each year, however we still have to take some steps to reduce these. It goes without saying that we’ll continue to run all our cranes and support vehicles on HVO fuel and work to introduce more ways to reduce our numbers even further.

Scope 3 is our next main target. In recent weeks we met with other businesses within the Milbank Group to discuss each individual company’s collected data on Scope 3 emissions since the start or 2024. By analysing trends, products, plant / machinery, materials, transport and labour resources at a Scope 3 level we can evaluate and pinpoint where we can begin to make reductions.

For example, by focusing on changes in our PPE purchasing, we can alter our supply to more sustainable options. By switching from regular clothing and safety gear to sourcing recycled workwear and safety PPE, we can remain compliant with regulations and British standards whilst enhancing our sustainablity commitment. Our clothing workwear is currently all made from recycled material, site used gloves are sustainably sourced and moving forward we’ll look to replenish our hardhats and site safety boots with options made from recycled material.

We then need to turn to manufacturing – the likes of Liebherr who supply most of our cranes within the fleet are also managing their Scope 1 and 2 figures and have recently begun to run their factories through suitable HVO alternatives. This adjusts our Scope 3 from a production line of the plant that we purchase. By working together towards the same goals, leaders within our industry can help protect the planet and the future of generations to come.

Cadman Cranes and Milbank Group are dedicated to doing what we can to lead and guide others within our respective industries to help protect what we call home.

All of us at Cadman Cranes appreciate the recognition from Anglian water in this award and hope that it can inspire others to make a change.

No industry has to be restricted by their carbon footprint, the technology and science of today can help anyone to gain the knowledge and peace of mind that changes can be made that have a positive impact on our world.