Cadman Cranes Collaborates on New Halesworth Battery Storage Facility

We are currently collaborating with Yorkshire based Smith Brothers Contracting, specialising in high voltage projects and the Red Leaf Group to develop and construct a battery storage facility in Halesworth, Suffolk.

The project involved the positioning of 28 individual, 30 tonne battery storage containers onto a bespoke-built screw pile support system designed by the Red Leaf team. Mobilised in just under 2 weeks, the project has required a high level of cross-functional team coordination to get it off the ground quickly.

Battery storage technologies allow for the storage of generated electricity and heat, usually from renewable sources such as solar and wind, which can then be released during peak demand. Battery systems are an incredibly efficient way to store excess power, offering environmental benefits and helping and making the overall power distribution networks more efficient and resilient.

This project alone will provide 50 megawatts (MW) of storage capacity, which is enough energy to power about 6,000 homes for a year and will convert 128,000 volts down to 32,000 volts. Utilising low voltage electrical devices lowers costs, increases safety, and improves energy efficiency.

To complete this lift, we utilised our Liebherr LTM1160-5.1 mobile crane that boasts a lifting capacity of up to 180 tonnes. As a contract lift, the client had the advantage of handing over all aspects of planning, management, and responsibility to the Cadman’s team.

Hiring on a contract lift basis means we, as the crane hire business, take on full responsibility for the lift. We will attend site to complete a thorough assessment of the lift, taking into consideration potential risk from aspects such as topography, ground conditions, underground services, and access.

From there, our experienced team will provide a complete lift plan, carrying out all the necessary evaluations and analysis required, providing the client with a method statement and risk assessment to ensure full compliance with all required regulations and safety standards.

On the day of the lift, we provide everything required, including safety equipment, communications equipment, and a team of highly qualified operatives responsible for overseeing the safe delivery of the project.

Throughout the process, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of safety, service, and satisfaction. Choosing our contract lift service over our traditional crane hire only option allows clients to completely hand over all responsibility to us, leaving them knowing that the lift will be competently handled as well as being fully risk and liability compliant.

We have collaborated closely with Smith Brothers Contracting to ensure the perfect delivery of all their lift requirements. With all 28 battery storage containers now in situ, the project has been delivered efficiently with no compromise in quality or safety. Further associated equipment infrastructure will be delivered and installed later this year to complete the project.

With further work here and elsewhere, it’s an industry that we’re excited to be a part of. Cadman Cranes is proud to contribute to the ingenuity of industry in this country as we tackle huge challenges that lay ahead of us.

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