CPA Crane Hire vs CPA Contract Lifting

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What should I choose and why does it matter? 

What does CPA stand for?

Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) is the leading membership and representative body for construction plant-hire in the UK. As the principle point of contact for all issues relating to use of construction plant, CPA are closely linked with governing and other industry bodies and organisations across the construction and allied industries, including utilities and public services organisations. The association have developed best practice guidance on the Health, Safety, Welfare & environmental for all plant hire, including mobile crane hire.

What is CPA Crane Hire vs CPA Contract Lift?

Mobile crane and employee carrying out a lift of an acoustic container

All crane hire companies work to the terms and conditions of the CPA and in accordance with BS7121 (“The Safe Use of Cranes”).

When it comes to hiring a crane for a project, there are two main options: CPA Crane hire and CPA Contract Lifting. There are significant differences in responsibility between these two options so it’s important to choose the one that is best suited for your needs.

CPA Crane Hire involves the hire of a mobile crane, along with a competent operator. The overall responsibility for the safety of the lift operation lies with the customer, who is required to plan and execute the lift, including the selection of the crane, the skilled personnel on site, and arranging for any necessary permits and insurance coverage.

The customer is responsible for specifying the necessary lifting equipment, such as slings, chains and shackles to be supplied with the crane.

The benefits of CPA crane hire:

  • Flexibility
  • Ideal for customers who have the necessary expertise and resources to plan and execute a lift themselves.
  • Low-cost solution

For customers who require additional support and expertise in planning and executing a lift safely and efficiently, a CPA Contract Lift may be a more suitable option.

CPA Contract Lift involves the hire of the mobile crane, along with a team of experienced professionals, who are responsible for planning, supervising, and executing the lift. This includes carrying out a site survey, preparing a risk assessment, and ensuring that all safety regulations are met. On the day of the lift, a lift supervisor and a competent slinger and signaller will attend site to ensure the efficient and safe completion of the project.

In a CPA Contract Lift, the crane hire company takes full responsibility for the lift and provides all necessary insurance coverage.

If you are dealing with a complex or high-risk lifting operation, and you don’t have the necessary expertise in-house, the CPA Contract Lift would be the only option available.

Benefits of CPA Contract Lift:

  • No risk involved
  • Expertise and support
  • Customisation
  • Cost control – no surprises

So, which option should you choose? Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages, the choice will depend on a number of factors such as the complexity of the lift, project timeline, available resources, and budget.

When considering your options, it’s important to understand the legal requirements that every lift will need to adhere to. For all lifts, refer to the BS7121 and LOLER 1998 regulation documents.

BSI BS7121 – Code of practice for the safe use of cranes,

HSE Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER).

Case Study

After hiring cranes using CPA Crane Hire for many years, a reputable and well-established local manufacturer of acoustic containers recently decided to change their lifting strategy. The company opted to convert to a CPA Contract Lift following an incident within their industry where a failure in the lifting equipment caused substantial damage to a valuable product and serious injury was only narrowly avoided. Under CPA Crane Hire conditions, liability for this incident lay squarely with the hirer.

Ultimately, this decision meant that they could reallocate important resources to their core business activities and let competent lifting experts deal with all lifting responsibilities. More importantly, they were able to transfer liability for care of their expensive and delicate products to those with the right skills and experience.

Mobile crane carrying out lift of an acoustic container


Cadman Crane Mobile Crane Hire

Cadman Cranes is the leading mobile crane hire company across Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire.

We work closely with some of the UK’s largest industry-leading and forward-thinking companies, specialising in construction, HIAB crane hire, compact crawler crane, specialist lifting equipment and tank clearance and grab solutions. We are focused on offering a wide range of services that support our clients and their teams, working collectively to deliver exceptional crane hire solutions that contribute to the success of the supply chain.

Here’s why you should choose to work with Cadman Cranes on a CPA Contract Lift basis.

  1. Reduce your risk.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of safety, service, and satisfaction. Completely hand over all responsibility to us and feel confident that the lift will be competently handled as well as being fully risk and liability compliant.

  1. Gain expertise.

As your trusted lifting partner, you will have the full support of our highly skilled crane specialists and operators who have a wealth of expertise and experience in all aspects of lifting operations, including crane selection, operator training, and risk management. We will ensure that your operation is carried out safely and efficiently.

  1. Forget the admin.

Leave the lift arrangements to us. We’ll carry out all the necessary planning, site and risk assessments, and arrange for permits and insurance coverage, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your project.

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint.

We’re on target to achieve our goal of net zero carbon (for our own operations) by 2025. By working with a responsible crane hire provider, you’re directly reducing your CO2 output and helping us all work towards a cleaner future.

With over 50 years’ experience, we are dedicated to delivering so much more than just crane hire. Our values are focussed around the success of both our clients and our operators and we take great pride in going to extra mile on every job, no matter how big or small.

Get in touch with our expert team now to discuss what option might be the best fit for your next project. You can call us directly on 01206 986610 or send an email to [email protected].

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