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Specialist Lifting Equipment

We have invested in a range of industry leading specialist lifting equipment to assist with a variety of customer requirements. Along with our range of mobile cranes we are able to offer;

  • Man riding basket (1 man & 2 man, rectangular and cylindrical)
  • Hydraulic remote-controlled grab attachment
  • Roof truss lifting system
  • Caravan lifting system
  • Modular beams from 1t to 50t
  • Pallet Forks with safety net
  • Block Grab with safety net
  • Fall arrest blocks & safety harness
  • Concrete & roll over muck skips
  • Test weights
  • Container lifting attachments
  • Outrigger spreader mats (up to 6m²)
  • Beam clamps
  • Chain blocks
  • Load cells

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