Compact Crawler Cranes

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Compact Crawler Cranes

Providing solutions to the most challenging of problems, our range of Compact Crawler Cranes can be found in the tightest of spaces, in the most unsuitable ground conditions performing tasks other cranes cannot execute.

Our Compact Crawler Crane benefits include;

  • Versatile & compact
  • Impressive lifting capacities
  • Low ground bearing pressures
  • Lift and carry capabilities
  • Ideal for internal operations
  • Fly Jib for additional height/reach

Following the success story of our Maeda LC785 and Kobelco CK90UR ‘lift and carry’ Compact Crawler Cranes, considerable research and engineering development has been undertaken to produce our new concept ACC2050 Compact Crawler Cranes.  Steel reinforced 500mm rubber track pads provide an over all machine width of 2.50 metres and length of 5.00 metres.  Operating on two optional outrigger centres and ‘free on tracks’ these unique machines offer incredible lifting performances including lift and carry duties.

Fully remote controlled telescoping main booms and hydraulically luffing fly jibs through 160 degress provide lifting capacities of 2170kgs to a maximum working radius of 16.20 metres and 650kgs to 26.00 metres respectively.  Clearly these machines are in a class of their own. Optional equipment includes two-fall hoist ropes and fully rotating re-handling grabs easily fitted to main booms with quick release couplings.

To view the technical specifications of each Compact Crawler Crane, please click on the crane you require below.

ACC 2050/1

ACC 2050/2



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