Cadman Cranes use tank track crane to install steel frame in field

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compact crawler crane installs steel frame  Tank track crane installs steel mini mobile crane works on grassCadman Cranes compact crawler crane

As you can imagine, working within Agriculture means quite a large amount of your time is spent out in the middle of fields which can present a variety of challenges and tricky situations. From muddy and unstable working conditions to animals, poor weather and unsuitable machinery.

When Minshall Construction were contracted to install a steel-framed structure in the middle of a field with no hardstanding in sight, they only had two options:

❌ Source expensive trackway hire and an additional mobile crane

✅ Choose Cadman Cranes all-in-one, all-terrain, remote controlled Compact Crawler Crane

Compact Crawler Crane

With rugged off-road tank tracks and the ability to pick-and-carry up to 6t (with a max lifting capacity of 13t!) this in-house designed, remote-controlled, super machine, is perfect for those hard to reach areas on unsuitable ground conditions. Optional equipment also includes two-fall hoist ropes and fully rotating re-handling grabs that easily fit to the main boom.

If you’ve got an upcoming project that’s left you scratching your head for a solution, think Cadman Cranes.

Contact us with your problems and we’ll provide the solution.

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