Cadman Cranes sponsor ‘Lads needs Dads’ mentoring programme

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Lads Need Dads – Equipping, engaging and inspiring young men with absent fathers be the best they can be

Cadman Cranes sponsor menu Child in lads needs dad programme Come dine with me award Young men cooking in kitchen at lads need dads event

Boys from Tendring based Lads Need Dads, an award-winning long-term mentoring programme for boys aged 11-15 with absent fathers or limited access to a positive male role model, enjoyed an evening of cooking in a professional kitchen and serving their mothers with a three-course meal prepared under the careful guidance of their mentors.

The ‘Come Dine with Me’ event is one of the highlights of a six month ‘Engage’ Programme – a practical life skill and community volunteering programme which teaches the boys a wide variety of practical life-skills, cooking being one of them.

Founder and Managing Director Sonia Shaljean said “We want to extend a huge thank you to Cadman Cranes for sponsoring this Come Dine With Me event, which the boys and mums get so much from. It is a really special and memorable evening for both mother and son, each feeling a real sense of pride”.

To find out more about Lads Need Dads critical work, visit their website here.

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